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Meet Jessica

Owner + Founder

I’m Jessica Braxton and I founded and opened The Estheva Spa and Permanent Cosmetics in July of 2020. I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2007. After acquiring my cosmetology license, I went on to work as a hairstylist for almost 10 years. I always loved working in an environment that offered a variety of services including spa services and the like. I began to do luxury hair and lash extensions about 5 years into my career. At that time, those services weren’t being offered around the New Bern area. Bringing new and exciting services here is so important to me. After building my base of clients for lashes and hair, I started to turn my attention to the industry of permanent cosmetics. They weren’t much of a mainstream idea of beauty maintenance or option here! 

Since starting permanent cosmetics in 2015, I’ve fallen more in love with the dramatic and life-changing results. I have clients cry happy tears in my chair weekly! With an ever-increasing and busy world, it's becoming more of a need for people to be able to get up and go. The benefit of permanent cosmetics IS life-changing whether it's for a busy mom who needs a little confidence boost, eyeliner to accentuate the eyes so that we don’t look so tired, or giving the lips some color that has lost pigment over time.

For those who think it isn’t a big deal, I tell them to imagine waking up every day without any eyebrows. Brows shape our entire face. Eyeliner awakens tired eyes. Lip blush gives life when pigment has gone. To be able to offer these services in an upscale and relaxing environment is a dream and I make it my mission to not only make that possible but to educate my clients about semi-permanent cosmetics and to make it part of our regular beauty maintenance. Not only do I plan to keep up with the ever-evolving industry of permanent cosmetics, but I also want to continue to add services that give confidence and help make life a little easier.

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I've been here a couple times to see Lindsay and Jessica and had a great experience each time. The entire staff is so friendly! They're so informative with their procedures and are willing to explain any questions you have. It's so calm and relaxing and I try to not fall asleep! I will definitely keep coming back.

- Nikita Anderson

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