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How We Work

At Estheva Spa and Permanent Cosmetics, our ultimate goal is the best experience for our guests.

We are unique in the Spa world because all of our providers work for themselves. They simply run their own "individual businesses" within our atmosphere. We place very high standards of expectations and from there, our team pours into their own clientele with quality care and compassion that's unmatched.

You'll notice that each provider offers a different array of services. They all have different niches as well as prices. Prices will vary depending mostly on years of experience, knowledge in their area of expertise, and availability. This means that we have ranges of pricing to suit all.

Regardless of budget, you will be able to find the best services that match your needs with superb quality service.

There is room for everyone with us.



"At Estheva, our utmost concern is giving each and every client the absolute best experience. We care for our clients deeply and seek to build long-term loyalty and trust. We use only the highest quality products while providing top-notch customer service in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere."

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